December 17, 2010

Evolution of Science Presentations

So, as these final weeks of graduate school wound down and I had to sit through countless hours of student presentations, I couldn't help but notice how much science presentations have changed since grade school. Here's my take on the progression of science presentations (based on level of education)...

Kindergarten: (show and tell)

Elementary School: (dioramas)

Middle School: (Baking soda volcanoes)

High School: (Science Fair projects)

Undergrad: (Poster Sessions)

**Click to enlarge photos**

These 3 pics are of the Wyeth Poster Session (Junior Year, 2009) my Organic Chemistry class participated in. My group and I did our poster on Bisphenol A. (left to right: Nigel, Red head-Greg, Me, Everett).
Graduate School: (Powerpoint presentations depicting the molecular pathways involved in disease progression)

Note: Some of these assignments do overlap a bit.

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  1. Gotta love your ambition!! I am so going to show my studens this when we return after the new year! May then, they will understand that what I am requiring them to learn in 5th grade, pays off in college!!!

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