October 1, 2016

Self-Care, Self-Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October - Breast Cancer Awareness month is something I've been passionate about for a few years now. It started when I was 16 yrs old and discovered I had lumps in breast (that turned out to be benign). That interest further develop when my mother's cousin died from cancer within a few months of diagnosis leaving behind an 8 year old daughter. Being a biology major in college and studying cell signaling pathways and how the turning on (activation) and turning off (inhibition) of certain genes in our bodies could adversely affect the incredible innate order of our genes, have enticed me even more. I was then offered this amazing opportunity to work in a Breast Cancer Research lab one summer while in graduate school and it was like the fire and zeal were ignited even more. 

It's been a few years since then that I posted something about breast cancer awareness. I think I was a little disheartened at not being able to find work in a field that I loved so much. But that interest was never completely lost. 

Of course we are all AWARE of breast cancer by now. But being aware is more than 'knowing' that something exists. It is being proactive and in tune with one's self, checking to make sure you and your family members are healthy. Obviously this goes beyond breast cancer awareness. It encompasses total body health. But for you women out there- young and old- check yourselves. Check for lumps or anything that doesn't seem normal. Don't overlook discomfort. Make regular appointments to see your family doctor.... Just take care of yourselves. 🎀

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