February 16, 2016

Begin Again


For the past year or so, I have shied away from sharing much in this space. One reason being that there is nothing really new and exciting happening in my life at the moment. The other reason is that I have been utterly miserable and there is only so much sharing of displeasure one can give without being seen as a total Debbie Downer.

But, I do miss blogging. I miss sharing the small and great things. I miss sharing photographs, thoughts, and music. I miss it all. I want to begin again-- this time, without the fear of sounding redundant, seeming like a downer, or even worrying that my syntax is not strong enough for it. I want to get back to blogging because it tracked personal growth. Blogging brought me joy... it brought me peace.

I am going to begin again.


  1. There is something magical and wonderful about getting it all out. Love and strength as you share your journey with us!


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