June 20, 2015

Drew Reunion

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 My 5-year college reunion was the last weekend in May and it was surreal. I can't believe five years has gone by so quickly! Sometimes it is still a little hard for me to believe that I am getting older-- only a few more years from the big 3-0. I definitely do not see my current self as the young, naive girl I was in college. I have grown so much in these last 5 years, I would not change anything for the world. However, as I visited campus with my friends, and I reflected on my time at Drew University, I wish I knew then what I know now. That old saying "Hindsight is 20/20" is so true in this regard.

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My dear friends rented a beautiful house for the weekend, but I only stopped in and spent Saturday with them. We headed to campus and gave ourselves a tour of the updated buildings. Drew is a small, private-university, so just about everything was small and quaint and just right for the number of students attending the college. (My friends and I joked about how our school was so small, we felt as though we knew everyone just because we saw them every day. But, when it came time to recall names, we failed miserably. Not to mention, we had our own names for people like "Burster" - for the girl who sporadically sprinted across the paths or down the hallways at the drop of a hat.) Many of the updates were so impressive, we hardly recognized the building from the inside. Our Student Center and Hall of Sciences were some of the major ones. My favorite part of our self-tour was walking down the hallways of the science building, reminiscing about which room we had cancer biology in, who our favorite professors were, and discovering many photos from our year on the walls, and in their own album!

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Not many people from our year were at the reunion activities on campus, but the majority of us in my circle of friends made the effort to be there. I really enjoyed spending time with them. It was as though we had never lost contact, grown a little older or led separate lives away from living within several feet of each other, dance marathons, and fourth meals from Cluck-U. I love friendships like that. We ended the evening with dinner, playing a couple rounds of UNO and several really intense games of Jenga. I never knew I was so good at Jenga until then.

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  1. Haven`t been here in a Min.. Awesome Picutures,You sure have changed alot. :)


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