December 20, 2014

Life, Lately


Hello! It's been a while. Where have I been?....Here. It is not so much that I don't have time to blog why I haven't blogged. It is just that sometimes I feel like I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Life has gotten pretty mundane and repetitive: work every day except Sunday. Church in between and barely having any time to relax #Iguessthisisgrowingup. Beau often tells me that I need to have a "Jhan Day". To that I responded, "when?" Honestly though, it would be nice to just take time to let my body and brain recharge. I often get home from work and feel like my body is still wired from the day-- the hustle and bustle of waiting on customers and singing (mindlessly) along in my head to the loop of top 20 songs on the radio station. We seriously need Pandora, or something, because variety. {end rant}

As you can gather, nothing really new and interesting has been happening on my end. But here are some things I would like to share.

Anniversary. Beau and I celebrated our two year anniversary on November 24. We took a (9 hour, turned 14 hour) road trip to Myrtle Beach, just for the sake of going someplace warmer than it was here in Philly. It wasn't much warmer than it was back home and it rained every day we were there, but it was good nonetheless. Beau and I were able to spend some well needed one-on-one time with each other. We talked. Laughed. Listened. Discussed our goals for the year ahead. I cannot express how great it was just to get away and clear our heads for a bit. It was also really nice to be right on the beach. We also stopped in North Carolina on the way to- and from- South Carolina to visit Beau's brother whom he hasn't seen since our wedding. I know he truly appreciated the opportunity to spend time with his brother. On our last day in SC, we drove down to Charleston to visit some friends. That was also a great time. We didn't spend much time in the city, but from what we saw, Charleston seemed like a lovely place to live. We also saw dolphins! ... and the sun finally greeted us for a couple hours before our departure.

Hair. A couple months ago, I decided to do something different with my hair. I got partial highlights in auburn. It took some getting used to; not just with how it changes my physical appearance, but also in (re)determining what color clothing best complements my hair and and complexion. Overall, I love the new look and I am considering highlighting the rest of my hair.

Photography. Very last minute, someone asked me to photograph her sister's wedding. Knowing that I have no experience in wedding photography at all, I freaked out a little bit. But also from my personal experience of abhorring my wedding photos, but the thought of not having wedding photos at all would be much worse, I decided to accept. It was a small get together and a pretty relaxed setting, so that allowed me to not be too nervous. I took multiple shots, in order to not miss a special moment, and after editing the photos, I realized they weren't half bad. There are definitely things I need to work on such as composition and directing clients, but I will say that it was not bad for my first go at it. I don't see myself making this into a side-gig or even a full-time thing, but if the opportunity comes to capture someone's special event, I will accept, as I do understand they importance of capturing moments and having the snapshots to look back on. That is something I lack. Maybe I will touch on this more in another blog post on my interest in photography.

To sum up, I am alive. By the grace of God, I am well-- and I sure do miss this space. Hopefully I will be more present in the time to come and continue sharing bits of my story on here. I am so grateful for my own little space on blogger. Looking back on my first posts, I can see the growth and maturity. I hope to continue growing and documenting it here along the way.  Coming up,  I will be sharing some photos from our trip to South Carolina.



  1. I LOVE your highlights! I can totally understand what it feels like to just need a break from it all. My philosophy: just take it. No apologies required!

    (PS: Can you tell us more about how you highlighted your hair?)

    Happy Holidays!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Hello! I went to the salon to get the highlights done. I showed my stylist a couple photos and explained to her the kind of color I wanted and this was the result. To be honest, I haven't a clue what kind of product she used, although, I do remember her stating that she only allowed the color to lift a couple levels from my natural hair color as to not cause over-processing.


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