January 29, 2014

Today, I'm 26

This post is a whole lot of everything. So, here goes:

Today, I am 26 years old and I've got to admit-- it's a strange feeling.

To me, twenty-six feels like a random age. One of little significance. So much so, that it doesn't even have a special birthday greeting card in the Hallmark store -- Kind of like, 14, 17 and 22. It's just one of those ages that I feel could be easily forgotten about years from now when I look back on life.

To be honest, I don't know how I feel about this birthday. I am a complete mixed bag of emotions. Don't let the smile in that photo fool you.  There are so many things I would have liked to have accomplished... Many goals I thought I would have achieved by now. Yet, they are still wavering, lingering hopes and dreams that seem so far away, but I know are still attainable. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for making it through another year of life in good health by the mercies and favor of God.

When I look back on year 26 of my life, what will I remember?  I hope it's something monumental, meaningful, and unforgettable. I hope to remember love, laughter and growth because, that's what life is mostly about, you know? However, right now, all I think about in regards to being 26 yrs old, is how I met my sweet Beau in the year that he turned that age-- just 5 lovely years ago. That is actually a really sweet memory. I secretly hope he will carry a sweet memory of me during my 26th year of life too. kinda crazy.

Here's to a year of personal growth and making beautiful, unforgettable memories.

 ... Here's to being 26!  


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