January 13, 2013


Day 7/365 Red house. Yellow door.

I took my advice and went outside in search of something to shoot. I stopped by a park and there it was. This red shed, which was very reminiscent of a maple syrup shack I spotted at a Fall Festival in Connecticut in 2011.

This photo is cropped, but I like it nonetheless. Although, I really do wish I had a DSLR to make the trees appear a little bit sharper in this image.

Day 8/365 Closed Road.

I would be lying if I said I actually took this photo on day 8. Truth is, I snapped it on day 7. I did not like the actual photo I took for day 8, so I swapped it with this.

Day 9/365 Modern Day Rosie the Riveter

I love building things (all accessories and instructions included of course). I spent the greater part of day 9 assembling a bookshelf for our room closet/library. I still have my (grown-out) manicure from my wedding day, but who cares? Some other nails needed attention that day. 
Day 10/365 Thank you

I am fully ashamed that it has taken us this long to send out thank-you cards for those who attended our wedding. This day was not going to end until I finished writing them up.

Day 11/365 Trolley Stop
This day was pretty cloudy. I had no clue what to capture, so I decided to go look about the trolley stops that run perpendicular to where we live. 

Living in Philly for the majority of my life, I would see the trolley tracks running through Germantown and Chestnut Hill, but never saw one on the road. I never actually rode on a trolley until I started dating Beau. I think it's pretty cool having a bit of old transportation mixed in with the new.

Day 12/365 Branches at dusk.

The former part of day 12 was as cloudy as the day before. As beau and I went out for an evening drive, the sun began breaking through the clouds just before the sunset.

There is something about bare trees in the winter. The symmetry. The beauty.

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