January 14, 2013

Post-Marriage Expectations

I think Kendi said it best when she stated: "People think that when you get married and move to a small town you should get pregnant... I started a blog. (It's a girl)."

After the wedding night, it is expected that there will be a bun in the oven and the cycle of life and post-marriage expectations rolls on.  Beau and I did not plan it that way.

We have dated for 3 years before we said "I do" back in November, and have just come to know (archaic) each other after our wedding day.  

In essence, we are young. We want to get to know each other more, travel a little bit and enjoy a couple years with just the two of us before introducing another human being into our lives.

Besides, I don't think any young couple in their right minds would say to themselves: Alright, we have purchased a house and got married within a few months. How else can we spend a large sum of money in a short amount of time? Oh, I know! Let's have babies!

That's just. not. wise.

I haven't even begun a professional career yet! Life is just beginning for me. 

Baby will come, but we're not planning for one any time soon.

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