January 6, 2013

Days 1-5

I am only 5 days into Project Life 365 and it's already proving to be difficult. Being at home just about everyday makes finding subject matters worth photographing pretty tough. I am not too happy with the photos I have gathered this week, so I threw them all in a mosaic collage. I won't even bother writing a blurb to describe each.

I really would like to make this project work, and push myself beyond my limits. Therefore, I have set a short term goal: to have next week's photos be more amazing than this past week.

My other plans for having a successful Project 365 are: 
  1.  Not taking the challenge too literally (i.e. snapping tidbits of my day).
  2.  Blogging about a photo every single day.
  3. Acquiring inspiration for my photos from the Daily Challenges on the project website until I get  the hang of things. I may even do hodgepodge of both (since blogging every day sounds tiring).
  4. Get out! get out! get out to capture quality/interesting shots. (I'm sure I could also use the fresh air).

If you are reading this and you are doing this photo challenge or have already completed one, what advice do you have to getting through?

I look forward to seeing what photos I will be able to capture next week! 

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