December 5, 2012

Prelude to Marriage

This photo is one of very few I currently have from my wedding day. This photo, captured by my MOH and one of my best friends since high school, was taken as the limo whisked me away from the hotel towards the church where I would commit my life to my beau. 

Though it's a simple cell phone photo, it says a lot. As I sat in the limo and I smiled for this photo, I was such a nervous/anxious wreck. So many thoughts ran through my mind:  

This is dress is so puffy... I feel like a Gypsy bride (haha. no. seriously)... This unexpected limo upgrade wasn't half bad... Oh my goodness, we're almost at the church!... We are now pulling into the church parking lot... I can't wait to see my beau, and have him see me... Will he cry as I walk down the aisle?... This is really it, Jhan!... In a few minutes, you will be starting a new life with the love of your life... Here we go!!...

This photo says so much.

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