November 14, 2012


In just 10 short days, I will be a married lady!

Life is still an insane whirlwind, but we only have a few loose ends to tie up before our wedding day.

I am still amazed at how everything is working out for beau and I, when just this past Summer, we were sure we couldn't purchase a home and pay for a wedding at the same time. But, the Lord has really come through for us in unforeseen ways.

Planning a wedding in 2 months is seriously no joke. This lovely little article helped a bit, we have also had some help from those around us and we are so grateful. Once we found the reception hall, everything slowly fell into place even though I drove my MOH and bridesmaid mad trying to find the perfect dresses on such short notice.

In just 10 short days, my life will change forever and I am looking for to it.

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