March 19, 2012

Give Me a (Spring) Break

My last spring break for possibly ever (if I don't pursue my PhD-- in a few years) has come and gone. You may be wondering, 'What did you do during your spring break, Jhan?'.... Well, I did absolutely nothing and enjoyed every bit of that time. Sometimes, we need those moments to sit and just be. I usually feel that way toward the end of the week. People ask me how I'm doing, or what I have planned for the weekend, and I tell them that I just want to do nothing but exist.

I spent a couple afternoons with my beau. First we visited one of our favorite places, the Schuylkill River Path by the Philadelphia Art Museum. I think it was the most beautiful Monday we've seen in a while, so everyone was out taking walks, biking, or jogging around. The clouds rolled in before the sun set, but it was a beautiful time nonetheless.

As I crossed the state line from New Jersey into Pennsylvania on my drive home, I noticed the trees in Pennsylvania were budding. A few of the cherry blossoms were also blooming. For the first time ever, I was a little jealous of the landscape PA had over Connecticut's.

On my last day home, I received this wonderful packet. Another reminder that this phase in life is almost complete

I think I did a pretty good job of existing last week. Now I feel refreshed and ready to go on with the last few weeks of school. 

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