February 20, 2012


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Dear Housemate,
I've heard your wet, mucous-filled cough since you returned from your weekend at home. Rest assured, I will be disinfecting every single common surface (bathroom door, refrigerator/freezer handles, thermostat, etc) we touch to get rid of those fomites once your cough has subsided.

QU classes,
Could your classes be anymore segregated? I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to realize it, but I have and I don't like it one bit. My pathogenic microbiology class has all the guys in the back corner on the left side of the classroom. All of the females are then tucked away in the back on the right side of the classroom. All the Saudis stick together in the front, and myself, 2 other black girls and my Asian friend are clumped together on some other end of the room. It sickens me. I've decided to break the mold. I'm sitting in the middle of the class from now on! 

Dear Patho Micro professor,
You are too intriguing for words. I adore your animal themed ties, and the random one with gram-negative bacteria. Your subtle little quirky jokes always make me giggle during lecture. And, I also think that playing "dolls" with your 3 year old daughter is endearing and was the best way to avoid writing up a Turning Point clicker quiz for us today.

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