November 6, 2011


For 10 years now, I believed my most embarrassing moment in life occurred the summer I visited my cousins in Massachusetts. We were walking home from summer camp, and  passed a couple of guys in front of a Hispanic store. I didn't pay them much attention, but as we walked down the street, I felt a very sharp pain in my bum, which scared me terribly. So, I took off running for a few blocks leaving my cousins behind. I am sure they were quite confused because I didn't say a word to them, I just started running. When I finally stopped running, caught my breath and allowed my cousins to catch up, I was finally able to tell them what happened.... 

Some random guy kicked me in my bum... I felt the sharp pain, freaked out and ran!

Now, as hilarious as this story is to everyone I tell, it was quite embarrassing. And as of 10 minutes ago, I think I have a story that is the adult equivalent to the embarrassment I experienced as a teenager...

I am currently watching Serendipity and the first half hour made me think about my beau and how much I love and miss him. I know he's out at a concert and probably wouldn't answer his phone if I called, so I decided to text those affections to him. I received a response almost instantaneously and it read: 
"Ummm.... i think you sent this to the wrong person... LOL "

Clearly I sent the text to the wrong person... The woman whose children I babysit!!! I was so  embarrassed. Like, I literally laughed and cried, and had those prickly armpits (which I usually get when I'm nervous/embarrassed) all at the same time. 
I am pretty sure everyone has a story like this, but I still think it was incredibly awkward. 

I am easily abashed.

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