October 28, 2011


Listening to: My iTunes on shuffle. Most of the songs and albums on there I don't even listen to anymore. For example, Fall Out Boy, Mya, and Ciara are the albums that I loved from high school into my early college years. My taste has changed quite a bit. (In case you were wondering what song I was listening to as I type this ---> The Flowers by Regina Spektor)
Watching: I tuned in to Project Runway last night and watched the finale. I think I did the same exact thing last year. I watched the finale, and nothing else. I also started watching Up All Night. It's not like lol funny, but it's entertaining enough. And I think Maya Rudolph is my new favorite actress. I also discovered Whose Line Is It Anyway? on late at night. Remember that show?
Craving: Mrs. Fields' Semi-Sweet Chocolate chip cookies... yum.
Thinking about: What to purchase boy/girl twins for their birthday party tomorrow. The twins that I babysit from time to time are turning two. I'm thinking coloring books and reading books?
Wishing: That my life was easier to handle, and that mom wasn't such a meanie (yes, I'm 5 years old) sometimes... harsh, but true.
Loving: My beau. He's taken on the title of best friend for sure. He doesn't judge me, he's super easy to talk to about anything, and he's slow to anger (which is great because I can't deal with people yelling at me all the time. I break down into large buckets of tears).
Worried about: My histology exam in a few days. What exactly is the difference between the way the  three segments of the small intestine looks on H&E staining?? *sigh*
Excited about: Christmas and winter break!
Lacking: Veggies. I must go grocery shopping soon. 
Mood: So-so.

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