August 31, 2011

On Experience

" You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. "
Albert Camus

I can say so many things about my summer internship. More than that which has already been said here and here. But today, I'll leave you with just a few words regarding the experience and knowledge gained from my internship at the Breast Cancer Research Lab at FCCC...

(1) A lot of hard work goes into being a PI and running a lab.
(i.e. grant writing, research planning and implementing, and keeping your sanity through all of it)
(2) Equal amounts of effort goes into being research associates. 
(i.e working late evenings, long weekends sans pay, and meeting the demands of your PI)

(3) Research is not limited to performing experiments and hoping to get results. 
Most of the time is spent collecting data; be it counting tiny cells on an invasion membrane or counting endless mammary gland structures on a 9X7 grid on a computer screen. Someone has to do it. 

(4) Being a part of a team that is as dedicated to research and science as much as you are is very motivating.

(5) Interning with world renowned breast cancer researchers who take the time to extend their knowledge to up and coming scientists is extremely rewarding. 
I was able to not only learn from the PI, co-PI, and senior researchers, but my fellow interns as well.

Oh, and btw: Apparently I should stick to my day job because I majorly failed at cutting our celebratory cake on Friday.
Rat dissections: Pass
Cake cutting: #fail 

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