August 22, 2011

As Summer Winds Down

Farewell, Summer 2011!

I can't believe the last days of summer vacation have crept in so swiftly!
The days are getting somewhat cooler; the thunderstorm/flash flood season has arrived in full force; and the sun sets at least 20 to 30 minutes earlier now.

Although it seems as if the weeks flew by this year, it still felt like a long and fulfilling summer. I didn't go to this beach this year, and did not actually spend time away from home, but any time away from school is a vacation to me.  ツ

I was able to (1) learn a LOT, (2) meet new people, and (3)spend time with those that matter most.

I return to Connecticut in a few days. I will be completing the final year of my Masters program. (That time has passed very quickly as well).  I'm looking forward to completing this phase, and moving on to a 'non-school-related' phase in life. I am also looking forward to the new (mis)adventures that I will experience, and the life lessons that will be learned this round. Let's go!!

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