May 2, 2011


Dear Mom,
It is going to take more than your crazy Jamaican motherly tactics to drive him away. He's here to stay... he's in it for the long run! Thanks for finally seeing that.

Dear Beau,
I love you more than I can even express or understand. I never thought I would feel this way about a person. You get me! You are caring, kind, patient and completely generous. Most importantly, you love God and are therefore able to show me an abundance of love through Him.

Dear Friend,
Thanks for talking my head off at all hours of the day about any and everything. Thanks for forgiving me for being a "pissy", "nit-picking" friend. I can be pretty rude and stubborn sometimes, so sorry for that also.

Dear Self,
You're growing as an individual. Keep striving to be a better person, daughter, girlfriend, and friend.

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