May 14, 2011

Goodbye, For Now

The semester has ended. I have successfully completed the first year of my Masters program. Quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks, which I've documented in photos. They kind of tell a story for themselves, but I will also write little blurbs about each set. Overall, I can just say that I am grateful for all that I have learned and encountered within the past school year. I have gained a few friends a small sense of independence, a lesson in budgeting money (kind of), and a wonderful church family.

-- I finally decided to hang out with the guys from last semester's neuro class. We went hiking at Sleeping Giant again, and followed it up with some lunch. It was my first time having dim sum and authentic Chinese food in general. Good times!

I also had to take part in the School of Health Sciences' inter-professional poster day last week Friday. I went through all of it with zero sleep. By the time the poster session ended and I drove home and ate dinner, it had been at least 25 hours since I had last slept (which was a mini-nap I took Thursday afternoon). Needless to say, I completely crashed around 7:30 that evening.

This occupational therapy group was located next to my station. They got a lot of attention because of their demonstrations. I learned so much about their class, their individual project, and their overall assignment just by standing next to them for 3 hours!.. Supposedly, a farmer would be very happy and struggle-free if they were to possess these ergonomic farming tools. 

-- The following day, I went to a Mother's day breakfast at church. I was apprehensive about going fearing that it would be too awkward to be there. One of the women opted to be my "step-mom" (her words). I quickly accepted that title, although I consider her more of a spiritual mother. Breakfast was enjoyable. We had a guest speaker from Gateway International.

Christine and Donna... two of the women I had dinner with a few weeks ago. 

Pauline, my "step mom". 

-- At my last Bible study of the season, they planned a little get-together for me. Applesauce cake, a card, gifts, hugs and a prayer were my parting gifts. I also snapped a photo of everyone. ツ

I also think this pic was funny...The ladies as they assembled themselves for a pic.

The school year has come to a close. I bid a temporary farewell to Connecticut today... CT, Goodbye for now. 

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