January 4, 2011

O. M. C.!!

Old Man Crush:
1. noun
Admiration of an attractive, older gentleman

I remember having a conversation about old man crushes with my college roommate, junior year. She was either watching Lord of the Rings or a similar film and she pointed out an older guy whom she admired. My roommate then asked me who my old man crush was. I was a bit embarrassed to respond to her question, as I remembered my first old man crush was Jackie Chan when I was much, MUCH younger (around the time when Rush Hour was released). I haven't really thought about my old man crushes since then, but I have a new one...

He plays multi-millionaire, Joe Bennett, on the show Lipstick Jungle (which I've been watching on Hulu for the past month or so). Andrew McCarthy is his real name, and as I look him up on IMDb, I see that he was also one of the main characters in Weekend at Bernie's and Mannequin (1987). I don't know what it is about him. He's just easy on the eyes, I guess. I like his petite nose and how his lips always seem to be pursed (which may be attributed to his character on Lipstick Jungle). In any case, I'm crushin'.

Here are some pics...

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