January 26, 2011

20 Questions

[borrowed from Oprah]

No, not the cheesy game that many of us are familiar with. A suggested list of 20 questions every woman should ask herself. I was perusing through Oprah's site and stumbled upon this little article. I thought it would be a fun little activity for me to take part in for 2 reasons:

  1. I often run low on blog topics until I spontaneously think of one
  2. More seriously, I HATE being asked questions. I feel as though I never have an answer. Whenever I'm asked a question, it is as if my mind is scrambled and I can't think anymore. Actually, that IS what happens usually. I begin thinking in questions like "why did this person just ask me that?"... "How do I go about answering it?"... "Why haven't you answered the question yet, Jhan???" "What are they thinking as you're thinking?"... and the list of questions in my mind go on and on until it's all a scrambled mess and I end up forgetting the initial question.

I need to get over the fear of being questioned, so I am going to take this on as a blogging task similar to this one. Most of the questions seem very valuable in terms of helping me evaluate where I am in life currently and where I see myself in the future (this is actually a 3rd reason). So, let's get started.... in the next post, of course. ツ

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